Jigsaw Uses Contacts As Currency

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The New York Times’ “A Service That Aims to Make Cold Calls a Bit Warmer”:http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/28/technology/28jigsaw.html gives some interesting background on a new social networking service called “Jigsaw”:http://www.jigsaw.com/.
This is an interesting one. I can totally see that the dynamics of the model are great and I am sure they could make a business of this.
Still, I’d be really concerned about the fact that the data they’re trading is someone else’s personal information. Given that the first thing I ask when I’m cold called is “where did you get my name?” and “how did you get my number/e-mail?”, this “valuable information” being shared could end up hurting relations as prospects get creeped out by how they were found.
Also, I really hate that they want to supplement an paid service with ads. Ads don’t belong in every business model and I think pure online services like this dilute their value greatly when they try to make a few extra bucks with banner ads.

Does anyone know if CEO Jim Fowler (not “_the_ Jim Fowler”:http://www.wildkingdom.com/history/jimbio.html) has a blog? It would be interesting to hear about his experiences with privacy and business model issues as they clearly have an interesting idea here.
(Tip’o the hat to Kevin Speicher at “Woodgreen”:http://www.woodgreen.org/index.html for the link)

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