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Do you feel the buzz in the air? For a while I thought it was just me, but more and more I’m seeing people getting _very_ excited about what’s happening online these days. There are so many really amazing things happening right now that it feels to me very much like it did ten years ago when I was floored by some new site pretty much every time I booted up. “Some”:http://www.battellemedia.com/ are calling this “Web 2.0”:http://www.web2con.com/ while others are saying we’re on “Web 3.0”:http://dangillmor.typepad.com/dan_gillmor_on_grassroots/2005/04/web_20_try_30.html. I’ve lost count on what iteration we’re on but (if you can’t tell), Iā€™m really pumped about what is ahead.

“Adaptive Path’s”:http://www.adaptivepath.com/ “Janice Fraser”:http://www.adaptivepath.com/team/janice.php wrote a now much-linked-to post called “A Whole New Internet”:http://www.adaptivepath.com/publications/essays/archives/000430.php that nicely summarizes much of what I’ve been thinking.
Are you feeling it? What are you seeing online that’s getting you excited?

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One thought on “A Whole New Internet

  1. neilio

    There are interesting reactions on this article from Andrez Torrez and Jason Kottke (amongst others).
    I’m in agreement with most of their points. Andre said:

    It’s like when people say something as asinine as “Music is getting exciting again!” and the rest of us are like, “No, you just weren’t paying attention.”

    Things haven’t stopped happening in the last two to three years – the folks with the big sacks of money have just started to notice again.

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