Filtered: Links for May 12, 2005

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Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for May 12, 2005
* “CMO Magazine – Analyze This – Software helps marketers tweak sites, drive conversion rates”:
* “GlobeTechnology – Party people make a splash on the Web”:
* “Marketing Vox – Keyword Prices Rise 11 Percent In April”:
* “David Carter – The Participation Highway”:
-Also noted:-
-* Seth Godin’s new free e-book called “Knock Knock”: (40 page PDF) subtitled “Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works” is now online.-
_Update: I think this was an unintentional leak of the book which was not intended to be freely downloadable until September. “Here is our take on Knock Knock”: and a fresh link that gets you to the official offer._

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One thought on “Filtered: Links for May 12, 2005

  1. David Carter

    Interesting to see Ken linking to this post. Ken introduced me to blogging and I think I called it “bad content management” back then. Of course I like to think we solved some of those issues.

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