No More “Open Rate”: Anti-Spam Task Force

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I’ve just taken a preliminary read of the report from the Anti-Spam Task Force, Stopping Spam, Creating a Stronger, Safer Internet. Lots to sift through here still, but 2 things jump out at me.
1. Recommendation that marketers stop trying to use “open rates” as a measurement, as it requires the use of hidden html or return receipts, which email programs are starting to disallow anyway. ‘Open rate’ has never been a very accurate measurement, but one we’ll all still have trouble letting go of…
2. There is a lot of onus placed on the ISP for blocking and filtering mail, in my opinion without adequate measures to identify “legitimate” email. WAIT A MINUTE!! [consumer hat is definitely on] I’m already having problems ensuring I actually get all my email in the first place and was bugging my ISP just last week about blocked personal email. As an email user and consumer, how am I going to be GUARANTEED I get all my email? Time to channel my frustration into some creative thinking on this problem… stay tuned, you can bet there will be more to come…

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