5 Days, 5 Interviews, 25 Questions

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This is a busy week at One Degree with not one but *five* new interviews in our “Five Questions For…”:http://www.onedegree.ca/category/five_questions Series coming up.
Later today you’ll see our “John Battelle”:http://www.battellemedia.com interview, followed on Tuesday by “Organic Inc’s”:http://www.organic.com Mark Kingdon. Wednesday we’ll have Jay Aber from “24/7 Canada”:http://www.247canada.com. Thursday we’ll talk to Dawna Henderson of “henderson bas”:http://www.theniceagency.com and we’ll close out the week with a conversation with Krista Lariviere of “Hot Banana”:http://www.hotbanana.com/.
Have someone you think we should pose our Five Questions to? Tell us your dream interviewees in the comments.

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