Outstanding Keyword Case Study

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The folks at “Wordtracker”:http://www.wordtracker.com have released “a free research guide to using their keyword tracking tool”:http://www.wordtracker.com/keyword-research-guide.pdf (link is to the PDF) that is great reading.
Rather than a boring old white paper, this 70-plus page download is worth printing out because it takes a hypothetical business issue (the possible launch of a vegetarian dog food) and asks a bunch of experts how they would use Wordtracker (along with other techniques) to make a better decision on not only search issues, but the overall positioning of the product in the marketplace.
Included in the report is analysis by nine insiders including:
* “Bryan Eisenberg”:http://www.futurenowinc.com/bios.htm
* “B. L. Ochman”:http://www.whatsnextblog.com/
* “Kevin Lee”:http://www.did-it.com/about.htm
* “Robin Good”:http://www.masternewmedia.org/
* “Nick Usborne”:http://www.excessvoice.com/
I’m sure this is doing wonders for their sign-up rate as it’s full of great tactics made possible by Wordtracker.

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