One-Click Envy

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Okay, I know I’ve been really grumpy about my ‘net experiences lately, but this morning was very different. I’ve been a registered user at for a while, and that was fine. Not too exciting, and in fact if they’d wanted to send me email I would have been fine with that, but they didn’t bother me.
Then, feeling like a belated convert, after a long time sighing every time I saw one of those darn “Insiders only” keys next to an article that looked interesting, I finally signed up.

Ohhh, I’ve been happy. I see one of those ‘key’ articles and I just click away and read to my heart’s content.
Then this morning I got one-click envy. I read an article in the Technology section related to some work I’m going to be doing, and there on the right-hand side was a little box with suggested alerts I could get on that very topic. I clicked. And that was it. I didn’t do anything. No more typing, no more clicking, no logging in…my info and summary of alerts was right there, I was all set. Stunned and pleased, I thought, mmm, this is the way it’s supposed to be. I want them all to be like this.
Let me know your fave sites that make it oh, so easy. Please. Share them in the comments below.

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