Priceline and Standard Life Win .ca Domain Disputes

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Catching up on my inbox I see Sunday’s “”: newsletter pointed out that Priceline and Standard Life both won domain disputes recently for and respectively.
* “Priceline Ruling”: (PDF)
* “Standard Life Ruling”: (PDF)
Seems like times are getting tough for Canadian domain squatters.

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1 thought on “Priceline and Standard Life Win .ca Domain Disputes

  1. Marc Poirier

    The .ca registry is like the wild west of domain speculation. There is a lot of activity there, and much of it is not even from canadian companies or citizens – which is completely against CIRA’s rules as I understand them.
    Speaking of which, has anyone ever become a .ca registrar? What did your lawyers think of CIRA’s “agreement”? Our lawyers had a good laugh at how only one party has any obligation or responsibility. And it ain’t CIRA!

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