ThinData Celebrates 10 Years

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I think sometimes people forget how long “Thindata”: has been around and how far they’ve come since their early days.
They just reminded us this is their 10th anniversary:
bq.. ThinData, the fastest growing provider of permission-based email marketing programs in Canada today, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month. Founded in 1995 by Chris Carder and Chancellor Crawford, ThinData has experienced phenomenal success over the past 10 years, with huge growth in employee size, solid client acquisition and retention, and increasingly explosive volumes of distributed emails. In 2000, ThinData transitioned from a Web Developer to a permission-based Email Service Provider.
ThinData is projected to send over 500 million permission-based emails on behalf of its clients in 2005. The company has experienced 115 per cent employee growth over the past 12 months, and has an exceptional track record for retaining and developing employees.
p. Congrats Chris and everyone at Thindata! It reminds me that my own site at “”: will be 10 in January.
Anybody else celebrating 10 years in the coming months? 1995 puts you pretty much at the dawn of the commercial Internet so props for sticking around this long!

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3 thoughts on “ThinData Celebrates 10 Years

  1. Ryan - RFD turns 5 on November 25, so we’re halfway there.
    Happy bday ThinData! I’ve spent all day on their site because they are helping us organize our 5th anniversary celebration. đŸ™‚

  2. Joy Boyson

    Yes! Celebrated with a 10th anniversary trip to the epicenter this August.
    Last time I went, I rented a car to stop by the Wired head office in SoMa, as well visit Stanford and Xerox PARC.
    It was a tourist-like visit; a west coast techie’s pilgrimage.
    This time, I was meeting up with real people who are now my working colleagues.

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