2ndSite Murders Own Brand

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This is interesting:
Brand Murder Countdown Clock
“Canadian Web 2.0”:http://davidcrow.ca/article/888/web-20-innovation-map company “2ndSite”:http://www.secondsite.biz/ is about to “murder” their brand (I’m assuming this means a rebranding) and they’ve chosen a rather unique and public way of doing it.
The company has a countdown web site called “Brand Murder”:http://www.brandmurder.com/ that offers e-mail sign-up and an RSS feed in advance of what looks like an 8 episode mystery they’ll be running.
2ndSite founder “Michael McDerment”:http://www.michaelmcderment.com/ has been “dropping hints”:http://www.michaelmcderment.com/article/Small-is-In.html and “I’ve been picking them up”:http://www.michaelmcderment.com/article/RSS-Reader.html.
Was it Mr. Ajax in the Bar with a Calculator?

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