Canada Well Represented in Web 2.0 Sweepstakes

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While Canuck firms might not be getting as much coverage on “Techcrunch”: and other Web 2.0 watchers as silicon valley dotcoms, that doesn’t mean the Great White North isn’t pushing out its own upstart start-ups.
“BarCamp Toronto”: “instigator”: “David Crow”: has done a great job of rounding up links to any Canadian company with a whiff of 2.0 about them.

His “Web 2.0 Innovation Map”: is a must bookmark page that currently lists over 30 Canadian companies worth knowing.
When people ask why there is no Net innovation in Canada – say “pshaw” and point them to David’s list.
Also worth reviewing are Mark Evan’s “Where’s Canada’s Web 2.0 Party?”: and Michael McDerment’s “Canadian Web 2.0 Companies”:

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