Two Weeks With Gordon and Frank

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Last week we did a “one week update”: on our little “”: experiment.
Here’s what we see after two weeks:
* 21,026 pages served (a bit less than half of One Degree traffic).
* 4,032 people clicked through to the real Bell site.
* 2,001 people got here by searching on phrases using Bell, Beavers, Frank, or Gordon.
* “Bell Beavers” is the most common search term. 683 people got to One Degree using that phrase!
* 89 people got here because of Norm MacDonald. They’re still angry about this.
* 46 people have taken the time to post “often gushing”: comments about the mascots.

Here are the top twenty “beaver-related” searches driving our traffic:
# bell beavers
# frank and gordon
# bell canada beavers
# frank and gordon beavers
# frankandgordon
# frank and gordon bell
# bell canada commercials
# bell beaver commercials
# gordon and frank
# frank and gordon commercials
# bell canada beaver commercials
# voices of frank and gordon
# bell frank and gordon
# frank & gordon
# “frank and gordon”
# bell beaver
# bell canada beaver
* bell commercials
Interestingly enough, traffic is _increasing_ over time, not dying down as I assumed it would.
Today’s lesson: You never know when you’ll blog something that has a *huge* impact on your traffic and the profile of your site. My quickie post about an ad I saw during the Super Bowl now accounts for half the entire one-year old site’s traffic – after only two weeks!

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5 thoughts on “Two Weeks With Gordon and Frank

  1. Ken Schafer

    No word from Cossette and Bell. They’ve got to be watching – I can’t imagine they aren’t.
    I’m not sure what I would do in this situation. Maybe keeping us talking and guessing makes a better story than if they reveal themselves.

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