Half of Oscar Night Ads Have No URLs

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How are big advertisers doing at moving people from TV to the web? What better way than to use a global “must see” event like the “Academy Awards”:http://www.oscar.com/ to take a look at who’s pointing people to the web and who’s missing their big opportunity.
Of the 69 spots shown during 12 breaks (some shown multiple times), 36 had URLs. That means that almost 50% of the spots didn’t even try to move people to the web to continue talking to them. Seems like a real waste.
Here is a full list of all the ads and links to all the sites that were mentioned. I think if you review this you’ll find a few very interesting things – eBay doesn’t put URLs on TV ads? WTF?

I’d be interested in some comments from you the esteemed One Degree reader on the strategies shown here. Click through on some of these URLs and see what the companies are up to. Some were clearly thinking about the value of the web and for others it seems an afterthought. And some seem to have good intentions but poor execution – personally I’d have spent a few bucks and registered something a little more memorable than “www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines”.
_(This analysis is based on the HD version of the CTV broadcast in Ontario)_
First Break
* Toyota Camry “thenewcamry.ca”:http://www.thenewcamry.ca
* Stayfree Drymax
* Acuvue – “acuvue.ca”:http://www.acuvue.ca
Second Break
* Neutrogena – “neutrogena.ca”:http://www.neutrogena.ca
* Rogers On Demand
* Ontario Government – “ontario.ca/smokefree”:http://www.ontario.ca/smokefree
* Coffeemate (Zoot) – “zootreview.ca”:http://www.zootreview.ca
* Stella Artois – “stellaartois.com”:http://www.stellaartois.com
Third Break
* McDonald’s
* Lady & Tramp – “www.ladyandthetrampdvd.com”:http://www.ladyandthetrampdvd.com
* Nissan – X-trail – “nissan.ca”:http://www.nissan.ca/
* Staples
Fourth Break
* Acuvue – “acuvue.ca”:http://www.acuvue.ca
* A&W
* Mazda – “mazda.ca”:http://www.mazda.ca
* Rona – “rona.ca”:http://www.rona.ca
Fifth Break
* Mission Impossible “missionimpossible.com”:http://www.missionimpossible.com
* Ford Fusion – “ford.ca”:http://www.ford.ca (mouse type)
* Scotiabank – “findthemoney.scotiabank.com”:http://findthemoney.scotiabank.com
* Neutrogena – “neutrogena.ca”:http://www.neutrogena.ca
* Rogers On Demand
* Ontario Government – “ontarioculture.ca”:http://www.ontarioculture.ca
* Canada Post
* Saturn – “saturncanada.com”:http://www.saturncanada.com
Sixth Break
* “Inside Man”
* Kia
* Lipton’s Soupworks
* Visa – “visa.ca”:http://www.visa.ca
* Gilette Fusion
* Walmart
* Pantene
* Slimdown – “slimdown.ca”:http://www.slimdown.ca
Seventh Break
* Subaru – “subaru.ca”:http://www.subaru.ca
* Mastercard – “mastercard.ca”:http://www.mastercard.ca
* Rogers On Demand
* Ministry of Health – “www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines”:http://www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines
* Fancy Feast
* Best Buy – “bestbuy.ca”:http://www.bestbuy.ca
* L’Oreal Preference
Eighth Break
* L’oreal
* Da Vinci’s Code – “thedavincicode-movie.com”:http://www.thedavincicode-movie.com
* Tostitos
* Cadillac Escalade – “cadillac.gmcanada.com”:http://www.cadillac.gmcanada.com
* Scotiabank – “findthemoney.scotiabank.com”:http://findthemoney.scotiabank.com
* L’oreal – Natural Match – “naturalmatch.ca”:http://www.naturalmatch.ca
Ninth Break
* Ford Escape – “ford.ca”:http://www.ford.ca
* Kraft – Philadelphia Cream Cheese
* Aveeno – Active Naturals
* Aveeno – Daily Moisturizing
* “I Walked The Line”
* Ontario Government – “ontarioculture.ca”:http://www.ontarioculture.ca
* eBay
Tenth Break
* Nissan – X-Trail – “nissan.ca”:http://www.nissan.ca/
* Neutrogena – Deep Cleaning – “neutrogena.ca”:http://www.neutrogena.ca
* “Special 8” Lottery – “olgc.ca”:http://www.olgc.ca
* Stella Artois
* Revlon – Remmel
* Lean Cuisine – “leancuisine.ca”:http://www.leancuisine.ca
* Ministry of Health – “www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines”:http://www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines
Eleventh Break
* Blockbuster
* Colgate Total
* Aero Chocolate Bar
* Scotiabank – “findthemoney.scotiabank.com”:http://findthemoney.scotiabank.com
* Wendy’s
Twelfth Break
* Jeep – “jeep.ca”:http://www.jeep.ca
* Canadian Forces – “forces.ca”:http://www.forces.ca

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One thought on “Half of Oscar Night Ads Have No URLs

  1. Keith Holloway

    First ebay doesn’t need to put a URL on their ad. The fact that they didn’t is actually kind of cool. I mean, you know ebay is a website, you can type “ebay” into the url bar or any search engine and they will be fist and they know it. It is almost like they are claiming their top dog position in this market by NOT putting a url in the ad.
    What really surprises me is the lack of special URL’s in the ads. Don’t advertisers want to track the success of their huge TV spend?
    Ok, even if they don’t see a need to track it – why wouldn’t they use a special landing page to help convert traffic better? I see only three examples of this idea here:
    Cadillac Escalade – cadillac.gmcanada.com
    Scotiabank – findthemoney.scotiabank.com
    Ministry of Health – http://www.health.gov.on.ca/babyvaccines
    You would think more advertisers would do this, especially when there is so much money involved.

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