iCoke Coins As Currency

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Michael Garrity’s Brand Nirvana post talks about how some brands have so much equity in the market that they become a currency onto themselves.

This got me to thinking about a recent iCoke e-mail I received:


As you can see the iCoke promotion (codes on Coke products could be used to enter contests at iCoke) has morphed into co-promotions in which the promotional points can be cashed in for Cineplex tickets or DVDs at Zip.ca.

When this promotion started I would never have guessed that Coke was looking to set up a tiny Air Miles but that seems to be the case!

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2 thoughts on “iCoke Coins As Currency

  1. Michael

    Interesting tactic. With only 2 partners it may be hard to build real consumer involvement but the fact that the price points are so low for redemption does make it easy for people to try and buy. Nice cross promotion for Cineplex.

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