Tucows To Acquire NetIdentity

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Disclosure: In real-life I “work”:http://www.onedegree.ca/2006/03/24/ken-schafer-joins-tucows for “Tucows Inc.”:http://www.tucowsinc.com/
I feel this is big news for the Canadian Internet industry because Tucows is one of Canada’s largest Internet pure-plays, but I’m involved, so rather than provide opinion one way or the other, I point you to the “press release”:http://resellers.tucows.com/about/press/abc_viewPressReleasesPy?ID=press_06_netidentity&year=2006&ACTION=View and the “FAQ and Podcast”:http://resellers.tucows.com/about/investor/netidentity Tucows has prepared to provide further background.

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1 thought on “Tucows To Acquire NetIdentity

  1. Marc Poirier

    Good job Ken. I have been doing business with netidentity for about 10 years now, only because they own my family name.
    I don’t know who is familiar with them in the onedegree circle, but I am under the impression that netidentity has big recurring revenue.

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