QotD – Your Biggest E-marketing “doh”?

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We’ve all done it – deleted the CEO’s user account, used “cc” instead of “bcc”, forwarded an obvious urban myth to that “insiders only” discuss list in all seriousness, or sent “testing testing” to a million customers on your email list.
Today’s Question of the Day is:

What was your biggest “doh!” moment when it comes to online marketing, and what did you learn from the experience?

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5 thoughts on “QotD – Your Biggest E-marketing “doh”?

  1. Bill Sweetman

    Shortly after launching my very first Website, I sent around an email blast to all my friends and colleagues informing them of my momentous accomplishment.
    Unfortunately, in my excitement to spread the news, I forgot to include the URL!

  2. Dee Kay

    Sent a community update mass email with the wrong community banner in the header of the content. Doh!

  3. Ken Schafer - One Degree

    I once sent a newsletter full of Thanksgiving hints and recipes to an African-American with the salutation “Dear Nigger,”
    (Apologies to anyone offended seeing the “N word” written out in full)
    Turns out this very nice gentleman had a neighbour how REALLY didn’t like him. Said hateful neighbour went around to HUNDREDS of email sign-up forms and signed the guy up just as he had done on ours. So all day long this poor man was getting personalized message from major brands across American addressing him in the nastiest language you can imagine.
    I’ve be a VERY STRONG advocate of double opt-in every since.

  4. Andrew Goodman

    This one is easy. My colleague was embroiled in a deep discussion of Google AdWords strategy with the client – one of our largest. At one point he said: “you see Fred, this is like a game of chess…”
    I turned out Fred, a grandmaster, had been a national U.S. chess champion in the under-18 category (at age 16) and had published a book about chess.

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