Are Your Press Releases Gobbledygook?

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Are you putting out press releases touting your products as robust, flexible, next generation easy to use industry standard solutions? If so, you may want to read David Meerman Scott’s wonderful dissection of the crap that goes in to the average modern release.

His analysis, pithily entitled The Gobbledygook Manifesto—Cutting Edge! Mission Critical! An analysis of gobbledygook in over 388,000 press releases sent in 2006 is well worth the read.

Thanks to Ross Rader for the tip.

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1 thought on “Are Your Press Releases Gobbledygook?

  1. David Meerman Scott

    Thanks Ken, for writing this up. Since I released my manifesto, many people have commented with their own favorite overused words. It is really cool how putting an idea into the market via blogs and getting comments and links for other bloggers makes the orinal ideas much better. Thanks again, David

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