Bubbleshare Bought By News Corp For MySpace?

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Word on the street is that the way-cool Toronto-based photo-sharing app Bubbleshare has been purchased by News Corp. and will be incorporated into MySpace as a future feature.

Apparently the team has already moved to California to work on integration.  We’re trying to confirm this now.

If this is the case this will be a second success for founder Albert Lai who we interviewed about Bubbleshare as part of our Five Questions feature.

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2 thoughts on “Bubbleshare Bought By News Corp For MySpace?

  1. Matthew

    First off, I need to admit I use MySpace. That’s a big step right there.
    I was surfing some acquaintances MySpace pages this past weekend and noticed a similar photosharing option when I went to edit my own photos.
    Who knows.. it may be integrated already!

  2. Sebastien

    Bubbleshare is a beautiful application. I’ve had the chance to meet with Albert a couple of times and I’m very happy for him if the deal is done.

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