QotD – Do You Blog?

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Our new Social Media category continues its QotD’s this week with a question about blogging. We are curious to know if you are a blogger, and what type of blog do you have –  text, photo, audio, or video?

Feel free to shamelessly plug your blog in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “QotD – Do You Blog?

  1. Lex

    It’s interesting that the poll doesn’t include an option for us multi-bloggers who blog personally, professionally and collaboratively. I wonder what percentage of your top 2 options also include multi-blogs.
    My name is Lex and I’m a text-multi-blogger.

  2. Kathryn Lagden

    Like Lex I blog personally and professionally. I haven’t put any video on the AIMS blog yet but will likely do that soon. Shameless plug = http://blog.aimscanada.com.
    Personal blog for friends and family is text and pix. although i just recorded a video i’ll be sharing once i upload it to youtube.

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