TripAdvisor Took My Idea. Thanks!

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Well, OK, maybe TripAdvisor didn’t take my idea exactly (time will tell), but one thing’s for certain: they did like the domain names I suggested in my One Degree post from earlier this week, Take My Idea, Please!

I guess I should be flattered.
It would appear that not only do the folks at TripAdvisor read my Internet marketing blog, where this post orginally appeared on December 4, but they liked my idea so much they immediately went and registered the domain names I suggested.
Good for TripAdvisor. You guys work fast.

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3 thoughts on “TripAdvisor Took My Idea. Thanks!

  1. Andy Strote

    I love the weird way Google Adwords work. Go back to Bill’s very civil rant about his movie going experience. The Adwords? For Cineplex of course! Makes you want to hit it just to tap their budget! Whoops, did I just say that?

  2. Mircea

    Just out of curiosity – after a second look – most likely the person registered the domain names privately. “Registrant: ” field shows individual’s first and last nave vs. company’s name.
    The domains are parked on GoDaddy’s name servers and not Tripadvisor’s. E.g:
    BTW: anybody else wants to try their luck? Two more options are available:

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