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CaseCamp4 was all about value-added blogs. The event featured 5 presentations, and was highly engaging. With over 160 attendees, CaseCamp4 was the most successful Toronto event to date.

The Presentations:

MommyBlogsCatherine Connor discussed how accepting paid advertising can create a conflict of interest in the minds of the blog readership.

NewMindSpace – Following Catherine, Kevin and Lori illustrated how their ‘don’t ask just do’ approach to urban events brought over 1,000 Torontonians to an Urban Capture the Flag game. Their motto: “Never apply for a city permit for your spontaneous event!”

WWF Canada – Presented by CaseCamp creator Eli Singer, he illustrated how Cundari worked with the WWF to harness social media tools to connect directly with citizens and to garner mainstream media coverage.

Zipcar – Presenter Saul Colt gets the award for the best Blues Brothers delivery. Recognizing the effectiveness of blog advertising (realized solely by himself) he channeled marketing funds to make full use of their success. Saul was blatantly open for fresh ideas, which he transparently announced he would claim as his own, and emphasized the value blogs can bring to your brand. While not explicitly stating it, I got the impression that he was on a mission from god.

The fifth presentation was an ongoing event photobooth, conducted by well-known Toronto photoblogging duo Istoica. Working throughout the evening, this duo magically captured the event, and kept it alive the following day. Their fantastic portraiture has been posted online on a flickr CaseCamp4 set, and we can expect some more features on their daily photoblog.

For those who missed it, stay tuned for CaseCamp5 by heading over to the CaseCamp website and join the mailing list.

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One thought on “CaseCamp4 Blogs

  1. Reginald Greer

    I thought the zipcar guy’s presentation was amazing. I also heard a rumour that he was fired the next day.
    At least he won an award here 🙂

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