Who Said Lawyers Don’t Have a Sense of Humour?

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If you’re as fascinated as I am by the high stakes (and sometimes bizarre) machinations of the domain name dispute world, then I think you’ll be interested in what I stumbled across recently.

It’s called the Gowlings Domain Name Portal, and it’s a lot more fun than its bland name might imply. Honest.

Launched in April 2006 by Gowlings, one of Canada’s largest national law firms, GowlingsOnDomains.com provides a detailed review of Canadian and International domain name law, with a particular emphasis on .CA domains. It’s the best source of legal information on this topic that I’ve come across to date, and a must-read if you’ve got questions or concerns about domain name law in Canada.

My favourite part of the site is its CDRP Summaries, which provides summaries of all cases regarding .CA domain names and trademarks decided under the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. Finally, a fast and easy way to get a taste of the legal jockeying behind dozens of domain name disputes such as belll.ca (note the third "l"), fordcanada.ca, and (my personal favourite) mtv.ca.

You see, the cybersquatter who originally registered mtv.ca claimed he, rather than Viacom, had a legitimate interest in the domain name because it actually stood for "Melanie and Todd’s Vacations". I am not making this stuff up, folks.

Kudos to Gowlings for taking the initiative to put together this valuable, educational, and surprisingly entertaining resource.

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2 thoughts on “Who Said Lawyers Don’t Have a Sense of Humour?

  1. Tyler

    Hmmm … I wonder if how CIRA’s dispute resloution committee would rule on One Degree’s domain http://www.gordonandfrank.ca.
    1) Is it confusingly similar?
    2) Was it registered in bad faith?
    3) Does One Degree have a legitimate interest?
    Hypothetically speaking, what do you readers think? If this domain name were disputed, what would the ruling be?

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