How Many Blogs is Too Many?

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Todays QotD comes out of the many blogs I read daily. While there are many niche blogs covering a zillion and one topics, how many is too many? Specifically in Toronto, there are three main blogs that come to mind: Spacing, BlogTO, and Torontoist. While these are the three main ones that come to mind, there are many more. So I ask you then, our reader:

How many blogs is too many, and how many blogs can one niche-market support?

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2 thoughts on “How Many Blogs is Too Many?

  1. Jeff Ginsberg

    How many web site is too many?
    How many Starbucks is too many and I don’t mean a day… I mean on every corner?
    How many channels on TV is too many?
    We live is a society of you can never have enough… so keep em coming!
    The reader will decide… I think it’s called “choice.”

  2. Corinne

    How many blogs is one person supposed to maintain? There’s another good question. I’m up to 3 at the moment. Four if you count my personal one

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