QotD: How Does Your Company Use Facebook?

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With a surge in users, and the ability for non-college students to sign up Facebook has become a social networking behemoth. With a recent Goldman Sachs trader spending over 4 hours a day on the site it is no wonder employers are starting to take notice. It is at this juncture that we present today’s QotD:

How does your company use Facebook? Do your employees have their own group? Does your brand have it’s own fan made group and if so, how do you interact with it? Do you have an official group for your brand or products?

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3 thoughts on “QotD: How Does Your Company Use Facebook?

  1. RyanRFD

    Their is a reader made Facebook group for RedFlagDeals.com with several hundred members and I’m wondering if we should create an ‘official’ group as well.
    How are you interacting with the user made groups around your company/brand/products? Do you approach it any differently than you would a fan created website?

  2. Peter Norris

    What is the age demographic for Facebook?
    I have 2 daughters, one who is 21 and she is on it all the time. She uses it to keep in touch with her old school friends in the UK. I would say that virtually all her old friends and new friends are using it. My other daughter (23) just signed up and I received an automatic invite, I assume the software sends out to all her contacts in her address book.
    What is the difference between Facebook and MySpace?

  3. OJ McGaw

    As a recruiter, I have my own reasons for using facebook 😉
    HOWEVER, I do know a company that took advantage of a “reader made” Facebook group. When this company was finally made aware of the group, they sent a message to all group members offering them a 20% discount on online purchases using an online tracking code. Kudos to them for harnessing the power of social networking.

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