QotD – What Are Your Fave SEM-SEO Resources?

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A double header today:
“What are your favourite SEO/SEM resources?”
“If you could only recommend 3 sites to an SEO/SEM newbie, what would they be?”
Let’s get the ball rolling in the comments below. I bet between us we can build an *amazing* resource. Don’t be shy – everyone can afford to give up one or two secret weapons in exchange of seeing other people’s! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “QotD – What Are Your Fave SEM-SEO Resources?

  1. Rehan

    SearchEngineLand would be on my list, too. But I’ll pick 3 different ones…
    1. AdWords Learning Center for PPC’ers
    2. SEOmoz for SEO’s
    3. WebmasterWorld – of all the SEM-related forums, this one seems to have the best signal-to-noise ratio.
    (Speaking of Danny Sullivan and SearchEngineLand, is anyone else is planning to go to the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle next month? )

  2. Ari Shomair

    May be obvious, but what’s better than right from the horses mouth?
    Google Adwords Blog
    Microsoft Adcenter Blog
    Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
    The amount of misinformation on publically accessible SEO/SEM forums is frightening, and sometimes outrighting damaging.
    If you’re into whitehat, everything you need is available at the Search engine blogs.
    If you’re black hat, you’re going to need to get access to the subscription/invitation only sites. Most other forums are the blind leading the blind.

  3. Colin Smillie

    My fav tools are ( in addition to the above ):
    Google’s Webmaster Tools – Displays Links, and provides sitemap interface
    Sitemap.xmlecho.org – Best free sitemap generator based on site crawl that I’ve found
    Matt Cutts’s Gadgets, Google and SEO Blog
    Google Analytics – Great tool to figure out the impact of your changes

  4. Bill Laidlaw

    Only one suggestion and it may be slightly outside of your stated boundries but for me conversion is at least as important as SEO.

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