GreenMan Marketing – An Ecosystem Approach to Marketing

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As an environmental planner, I studied the impacts of technologies (waste treatment plants, large dams, road work projects etc.) on communities. Technology has always had an impact on how we live, how we work and how we interrelate with the environment around us.
Similarly, working in interactive communications since 1996, I have seen the growth of digital networks and their communities.
While at first glance, it may seem that environmental and digital ecosystems have little in common, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. There are many parallels between natural ecosystems and their networked counterparts and therefore many lessons to be learned.
‘GreenMan marketing part I’ attempts to formalize this strategic approach and lay down a foundation, a philosophy and a way of thinking.

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2 thoughts on “GreenMan Marketing – An Ecosystem Approach to Marketing

  1. Small Business Marketing

    I can’t wait for GreenMan Marketing part 2. A fascinating approach and one that makes total sense. We are a part of the business ecosystem and we have to keep monitoring our changing position in the hierarchy and change our programs accordingly.
    Thank you Leigh Himmel

  2. Leigh

    Your welcome. I’m glad it makes sense to you. I haven’t had time to get Part II down in a powerpoint, but hope to sometime in the early part of the year.

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