Secret Underground Guide to Social Media in Large Organizations

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You may have been asking yourself, "Sure, a blog is great for my knitting friends and Twitter seems to work for my neighbour who has a small bike-repair business – but how am I going to get social media into my large, lumbering organization?"

Well Colin McKay, aka CanuckFlack, has the answer – in his recently released eBook, Secret Underground Guide to Social Media for Organizations.


Colin is the Director of Research in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Ottawa.  He’s worked a number of both covert and open social media initiatives and shares his experience in his guide, including such tips as:

  • Focus on opportunities, not obstacles
  • Operate as a cell
  • Train with another brigade
  • Pull a Kissinger
  • Exploit weaknesses in the hierarchy
  • Co-opt the familiar
  • Leapfrog the dead weeds
  • Don’t understate the costs
  • Kneecap the red tape brigade

His guide is easy to read and full of covert strategies that may strike a little fear into the hearts of old school marketers and flacks who aren’t ready.  Outstanding!  Definitely worth a download and a read.

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