Tips for Getting Through Airport Security AND Breaking Up on Facebook

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This month’s "How To" section of Wired Magazine illustrates two interesting processes this month: getting through airport security faster and how to break up on Facebook – both are important life skills.


Now maybe I’ve just been traveling WAY too much lately, but airport lines are seemingly interminable – especially in the US!  Wired’s piece contains 6 clear steps to getting through smart and fast.  I feel this should be required reading for EVERYONE who travels!

The piece about breaking up on FB illustrates some of the potential privacy pitfalls with social networks.  We don’t always think about who is seeing what updates about out lives.  Just a nice little reminder about how inter-connected we all are.

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Through Airport Security AND Breaking Up on Facebook

  1. Kelly Rusk

    It always makes me laugh, the single people I know on Facebook who are constantly “So-and-so is listed in a relationship” and then “…is no longer listed in a relationship” over and over. I guess it doesn’t bother them, but it would drive me crazy.

  2. Monica Hamburg

    Agreed – these are indeed very important life skills! It’s actually quite heartbreaking (and awkward) to see an update like “Steve and Sue are no longer in a relationship” especially with that breaking-heart icon. I think a more appropriate icon would be a heart breaking, dripping with blood and on a TV set. Then again I might just need more sleep…

  3. Ryan Coleman

    Amen… I saw a post the other day about how the TSA is testing different lines based on experience. So seasoned travelers can go to one line… Novices another and special assistance/people with small kids a third.
    Great idea IMHO.

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