Bloggers – do you use AdWords to promote your blog? (QotD)

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I was just poking around One Degree, checking out a few things, and an ad came up in the Google AdWords block for a Canadian marketer’s blog. Is this a common practice for bloggers?  How many of you use AdWords to promote your own blog?  If you do, do you find that you get new readers through the ads?

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3 thoughts on “Bloggers – do you use AdWords to promote your blog? (QotD)

  1. Bill Sweetman

    I’ve used AdWords to promote my personal brand for several years, with the ads linking to my blog, I get a small portion of my blog traffic this way; I get way more from organic search results (a very deliberate strategy on my part, I should add). But for the small amount of money I spend on my PPC campaign, it’s more than worth it to have my name and blog appear in the search results. And I’ve been told by people they were really impressed to see my name appear in the ads on Google. (Go figure.)

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