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Name of Blog: Flacklife
URL: http://flacklife.blogspot.com/
One Line Description: Bob LeDrew’s perspective on public relations and communications. 20 years of blathering on condensed into tiny white and black dots on a screen.
Topics It Covers:  public relations, social media, communications, risk communications, evaluation, popular culture
Language: English
Author(s): Bob LeDrew
Location: Ottawa
Contact Deets: Bob’s LinkedIn Profile

Three Representative Posts:

  1. Now we flacks get students to Astroturf for us
  2. Debunking four reasons why student’s aren’t blogging
  3. More on the NRU reactor, risk, and communication

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
Canada’s first PR blog (since April 2003), and also a repository for my columns from CBC Radio’s The Business Network. Ranked 46th in the PR Friendly Index, and 393rd in the Power 150 (if that’s possible).

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