April 9 – Planners Unite – Toronto

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18 thoughts on “April 9 – Planners Unite – Toronto

  1. Lee Dale

    We’ve just started digging into our work with the World Wide Web Foundation and, apart from our previous community and planning efforts, this project in particular will rely on the wisdom and mobilization of the masses.
    This is profound stuff and I see any chance for us to connect with our peers as another opportunity to better learn how we can change the world.

  2. James

    Wow, that’s an awesome line up. Great idea too; we need more community like this. Can’t be in Toronto that day but now wish I could!

  3. Harsh

    Mark Earls, Jason Oke. Who would want to miss these guys speak? Especially if it’s right here in Toronto (and complimentary!). I’d love to attend.

  4. roger gagnon

    Hm – I’d like a free ticket because Matthew & Michael are pretty rad (I was not paid for this endorsement).

  5. Karen

    Don’t bother entering me in the draw, as I am in Vancouver; but let me say that I hope your event is a complete and smashing success, so that you can have one in the last week of June when I am back in the area and can bask in all that strategic glory 🙂

  6. Duane Brown

    This sounds like a great event and one I would love to attend. My two goals for this year is to write more and attend industry events to learn & network with my peers in the real world.
    Going would allow to me help kick start my second goal of the year & allow me to learn from my peers who have been doing it longer then me. I’ve only been in the industry the last 3 years but I’m learning a lot as I go. There is a lot more to learn & I feel this even is going to help with that.
    P.S. I would be willing to write up a post event entry for One Degree.. if that should sway the votes in my favor.

  7. Daniel Berkal

    Out in California on fieldwork that whole week, but what a cool event to have for the (growing) Toronto community.
    Congrats to all for arranging this!

  8. SB

    Frankly, I think I should receive these tickets because I am devastatingly handsome. The downside to this is that no one will be able to concentrate on anything but my beauty.
    Or the wing sauce on my chin.

  9. Mary

    I’d really like to see Mark Earls & all the other speakers! Please put me in for the draw.

  10. Kaleem

    As an independent who doesn’t have a corporate benefactor to underwrite events, a complimentary ticket would be greatly appreciated!
    Kudos to the event planners on Mark Earls. Also looking forward to Matthew Milan, who is getting a reputation as a design strategy bad boy. P.U. looks like a solid way to spend a day despite the abbreviation (say it aloud)

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