Bill Sweetman on the Secret World of Domain Names

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I wasn't able to make it out personally to PodCamp Toronto this year, but I was delighted to find out that most sessions were captured on video (full list of sessions on Thank you, PodCamp Toronto!!

I did ask around to find out which were the "must-see" sessions and Bill Sweetman's presentation on the Secret World of Domains was mentioned most often.  In the video below, you can see all of Bill's talk on how to find a good name, buy a domain, prevent yourself from losing your domain and even get some tips on how to become a world-class domainer.  It's an excellent presentation!  Bill also provides a list of the domain name resources he mentions in his presentation on his blog.

Great stuff and an area of expertise of growing importance to marketers!

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5 thoughts on “Bill Sweetman on the Secret World of Domain Names

  1. A. Person

    I suggested renaming this event to something about stating the incredibly obvious and it didn’t get posted.
    I guess any criticism of the stories on this blog are not tolerated. Amazing.

  2. Bill Sweetman

    If the content of my presentation was “incredibly obvious” to everyone, as our anonymous poster implies, then my team and I at YummyNames wouldn’t spend many hours every day helping marketers correct domain name snafus caused by lack of knowledge in this arcane area. I have yet to meet a marketer who knows all there is to know about domain name strategy. I have met a few, however, that don’t know what they don’t know. ;+)

  3. Corby Fine

    Bill, while much of the content might appear to be obvious to most, there are always insights and innovative ideas to be had from an open mind. Having spent some time researching your new offerings, I must say that the concept of leasing domain names was one of those insights I was unaware of in the market. Thank you.

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