Oct 19 – The Art of Sales – Vancouver

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4 thoughts on “Oct 19 – The Art of Sales – Vancouver

  1. Len Kamerman

    Michael Port is fantastic – I love the way he thinks and puts such a positive spin on ways to help people rather than sell people. Read his book Book Yourself Solid and it’s good strategy that anyone can implement.

  2. Coach T.I.A

    Me three! Michael is super inspiring, very helpful and down to earth, what a guy! I’m twitter and FB friends with him and would LOVE to win the chance to meet him in person at The Art of Sales (esp as he has an amazing voice and great presence and I think he would be DYNAMITE IRL). The rest of the line up sounds pretty awesome too. Thanks for the opportunity! Tia

  3. Robert

    This event is the equivalent to training for the sales Olympics! My respect for these guys is overwhelming.I am from the Caribbean and will be in Canada on those dates and would be honored by the opportunity to attend.
    Thank you kindly.

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