Oct 22 – MeshMarketing – Toronto

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14 thoughts on “Oct 22 – MeshMarketing – Toronto

  1. Erin

    I’d love to ask Katie Delahaye Paine what she has to say about the Brian Segal’s (VP at Comscore) casecamp preso, where he said to ‘ignore’ click-through rates. Would love to see the case studies she presents, too!

  2. an

    I would love to see Mia Wedgbury speak and would ask her if she is at her efficient frontier from a career perspective? If yes, how did she know and if now, what would be her efficient frontier.

  3. Duane Brown

    I’m interested in seeing Jill Nykoliation speak. Would want to know what she thinks about some agency’s handling social media in-house? Does she think it can be done and effectively for a brand?

  4. Kerin Donahue

    I’m really looking forward to hearing Mitch Joel! I’m currently reading his book, Six Pixels of Separation and it’s a real page-turner.

  5. Kelly Rusk

    This looks like a fantastic event, and I’d love to see Katie Payne and ask her about the future of PR measurement with all the new online tools available.

  6. karim kanji

    I would love to ask Andrew Sutherland how an aspiring marketing guy can break into the industry. I currently work at a marketing guy at a small company but lack the formal education many companies seek. What strategies can Andrew offer on how someone canmake a name for himself? Thanks!

  7. Andrew Lane

    Great speaker lineup, I’d love to see all of them, but I guess I have to choose one! I would ask Katherine Fletcher from iStudio about her thoughts on the evolution of marketing alongside digital technologies as it relates to content – both agency produced and user generated. Does she feel that Ad agencies, PR agencies and creative services agencies are beginning to intersect in terms of service offerings? What does this mean for brands, for consumers, and for the marketing, PR and advertising industries as a whole?

  8. Ashley B

    I’m interested in hearing Ferg Devins speak. I’d ask him about the impact Molson’s social media strategies have had on their various brands, internal communications and wider community engagement.

  9. Kaleem

    I’m interested in hearing Dino Demopoulos’s ideas and would like to ask him how crowdsourcing and digital storytelling changes product design and experience.

  10. Shannon W

    I’m interested in the full speaker line-up! If I had to choose I would ask Mladen Raickovic his perspective for on how social media is affecting online advertising (seemingly would have a great bird’s eye view based on his LinkedIn profile).

  11. Trina

    I’d be interested in seeing Mia Wedgbury and to know what High Road does to be consistently listed as one of the top Canadian employers for years in a row. I’ve watched this for a while and have been quite impressed and intrigued by what makes them such a great shop to work at.

  12. Lisa Reis

    I’m most interested in seeing Elmer Sotto, Head of Growth, Facebook speak…I hear he likes surfing..and I’m curious to see the further growth of Facebook.

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