Lets see what you have to say? Comments PLEASE!

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Ann Coulter speech canceled at U of Ottawa over security
concerns, as students protest Globe & Mail  MacLeans On Campus

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6 thoughts on “Lets see what you have to say? Comments PLEASE!

  1. Winston

    Without getting into a big debate over political ideology, I do think there’s a huge double standard between how right-wing entertainers are treated versus how left-wingers are treated – and Ann Coulter is an entertainer. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Michael Moore have all said equally outrageous things about identifiable groups, yet they are not hindered from speaking, they are cheered.
    That oughta get some pulses racing.

  2. Dubya

    Ann Coulter’s photo in the G&M is horrible… if she were even remotely good looking, Canadians might be more apt to tolerate her.
    But an UGLY bigot firing verbal salvos from one pundit’s pulpit? Sorry… no thanks.
    I say we put her on a terrorist watch list… she’d likely have a fit, and it would be “entertaining.”

  3. Andy Strote

    It’s not a question of left wing or right wing. It’s what’s actually said. Let’s face it, Coulter gets her headlines by name calling, being an obvious bigot and just raising the temperature of the room. Stewart, Colbert and Moore have a completely different approach that asks for and invites conversation. You may not agree with their positions, but it’s unlikely your opinion will result in a torrent of name calling.
    Personally, I wish she had the opportunity to speak. She always buries herself. It’s worth getting out in the open.

  4. mose

    I am curious why this actually happened in our normally calm and collected Canada. There is an old joke about us Canadians, it goes something like this.
    Front page headline – Riot in Canada! Three people elbowed!
    Something is not right. As they say, something is rotten in Denmark!
    To me, AC comes across the same as shock, or tabloid journalism. That in itself requires us to govern ourselves accordingly. Weigh what she says.
    Colbert, Stewart and to a lessor degree Moore, are what I call entertainers. The first two outright comedians, I know that cause they are on the Comedy Channel, and the later a documentary maker that adds humour to get his message across. Hmmm would that be called a comedocutary or a docucomedy … or a.. oh, nevermind …
    Anyway, je digress.
    AC puts bums-in-seats. That is her gig! It does not hurt her case that she is an attractive photogenic (most times) young woman. Makes for a better media package. She has made her name shocking all of us – left and right – with tantalizing and evocative sound bites. And isn’t that what the media wants? If it bleeds it leads!
    But this mess happening here in Canada? Ottawa, no less. Fear of violence? Was this a set up of some sort? I am a little more than skeptical that this happened spontaneously? Was this staged?
    We didn’t riot and string up Billy Bob Thorton for his words? Why her? I thought we were quite secure in our ability to listen to radicals and make up our own minds?


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