Ok we are off and running!

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I wanted to first thank Kate and Rosemary for their help in the transition. We are off and running. And Kate and Rosemary will still be involved. Many thanks!

If you are like me, One Degree holds a very special place in your heart. That place where great Brands reside. There will be some changes over time of course, but I want to assure you that One Degree will remain the brand you know and love.

The archives will stay and the contributors you want to hear from will be here it is business as usual and I am looking forward to this Version 3 to see where it will go. More importantly … where YOU want it to go!

So, if there is anything you would like to see let me know. Feedback is important. pete [at] themose [dot] ca is where you can reach me.

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1 thought on “Ok we are off and running!

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