4 thoughts on “WIN 500 One Degree Dollars – Do my taxes and WIN BIG!

  1. Monica Hamburg

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for posting about this!
    Obviously I agree with you on this imbalance. And my post about the Fluevog competition is now up:
    BTW, I don’t think I was the one who posted about the Alltop contest. Or at least I don’t recall doing so. 🙂
    And love your humor. I look forward to offering a similar deal to my therapist:
    “How ’bout, say, I come here for a while, and, if I’m more sane in about a year or two, I pay you for the work you’ve put in?”

  2. mose

    Thanks Monica. No, you did not post about the Alltop contest. I saw it when it was happening and was going to rant about it, but I am, or was, a fan of Guy. So I cut him some slack. Now, between the contest and his 2 million Tweets a day (By staffers) and Alltop itself not really doing anything for me …meh.He sadly has dropped off my radar.
    Loved your post, we are obviously having a violent agreement here. The one thing that still lingers is the feeling that no matter what the reasons behind a company taking advantage of market conditions, it lessens their brand in my eyes.
    And I can’t help thinking that sure $1000 of merchandise is $1000 value to the contest winner. But did not cost the company $1000.

  3. Lee Dale

    It’s great to use analogies like taxes and fixing cars, but good design work goes deeper than this. When no two cars are the same and the tax rules change with each customer, the end result is only going to be successful with an intimate understanding of the customer, their product, and the market they’re serving.
    Whether or not the client likes a logo is fine and all, but it’s easy for a client to like a crap logo, particularly when they’re presented with work that was all prepared with the same (lack of) consideration.
    Never mind that the pool of designers at 99designs probably don’t get this, or that they’re going to be working for free most of the time. What really pisses me off is that companies are getting conned into thinking they’re getting value out of this process.


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