Matching-up Great People with Great Jobs

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Recently we did a piece here about It was one of our Five Questions with …

As I stated in that article I was very impressed with this organization. So much so, that after a wee-bit of negotiating, I am very pleased to announce that the folks and One Degree have entered into a partnership to provide you, our devoted readers, with a live feed of the "freshest" gigs in and around our industry!

You will see the banner to the right and the One Degree Jobs heading has changed to Jobs. Have a gander.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of job sites out in the market, but sifting through the tens-of-thousands of listings, that are either not right, or more-importantly, not right for you, or so off the mark … well, it's not fun.

I was imnpressed with the type of job posts, the companies that are posting the jobs and the elegance and simplicity of this.

Yep, they are a new group. That's why we like them. We like new!

Welsome Sam, Mike and all the Fresh Gig folks to One Degree!

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4 thoughts on “Matching-up Great People with Great Jobs

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