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Fotolia_19046814_Subscription_XL I read that Delicious is being remade.

Just checked my Delicious account – there were a couple of bookmarks there from the last couple of years, but 2007 was the last time I was serious about populating my account. I also have not used Reddit or Digg for a while. I am however a regular Stumbleupon user.

Is social bookmarking a thing of the past? Has the social web with FB and Twitter caught the eye and fancy of the netizen? Or, has Google finally been able to algorithmically (That is my 50¢ word of the day!) serve up everything we need?

If you have been using a social bookmarking site and have continued to use it tell us about it.

Any of these? Others?


Here's Google's answer to the most popular social bookmarking sites!



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5 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking

  1. Chris

    Still love StumbleUpon. I think they’ve done really well by tightly integrating with browsers (plug-ins pretty much always open in both Firefox and Chrome) as well as making a really manageable and interesting newsletter. I can’t imagine there’s any other service that I regularly click through via email as their categorically ordered weekly recommendations.


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