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Month: October 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Shaping Your Brand’s Voice

As individuals, we have control over the way we present ourselves to others. Our mannerisms and our speech leave impressions on those with whom we…

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Direct Marketing Blog (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: Direct Marketing Blog URL: One Line Description: The Direct Marketing Association of Canada provides a forum and active community for Marketing…

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Get a massive fan following on Instagram!

If we use Instagram correctly, then it can rightly be a highly targeted channel for our brand. Over the other social platforms, Instagram provides a…

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3 Best Open Source Navigation Apps

For some of us, the basic, oft-used navigation just aren’t enough. Travelers, cyclers, joggers, map-geeks and other route-conscious individuals are always looking forward to knowing…

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6 Big Examples of Influence of Social Media on Our Lives

“Social Media influences our lives”. After reading this sentence, the first thing that should come in our mind is that how social media has the…