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Month: December 2018

Should you go with modern or traditional windows?

If you’re wondering what windows in Edmonton will work for you, then you are not alone. A lot of people find it very hard to…

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The Worst Data Breaches Of 2018 So Far

The past decade has seen an unprecedented increase in data breaches. In 2017, up to 1,579 incidents that exposed over 174 million records were recorded.…

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In the news … Friday December 14, 2018

Lottery agencies turn to online sales, interactive displays in hopes to appeal to younger customers “I’ve never bought a lottery ticket on my own.” She…

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Benefits of Buying a New Car

In the automobile industry, there are usually a lot of questions and confusion surrounding used and new cars. Because of this, prospective buyers of a…

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In the news … Thursday December 13, 2018

The hottest branding trend of the year is also the worst The worst branding trend of 2018 is the one you probably never noticed. I…

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