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About Us

One Degree is the central gathering place for Canadian Online Marketers. Founded by industry veteran Ken Schafer in 2003, One Degree was purchased by Kate Trgovac and a small group of investors in 2007. In 2010 Peter Mosley purchased One Degree and has been the proprietor ever since.

Some big changes you might have noticed!

It has been 14+ years that Onedegree has been serving the digital marketing communities and it has been our pleasure. We believe it is a perfect time to make some changes.

First, we have moved from the TypePad platform to WordPress. At one time TypePad served its purpose but sadly has not kept up to date with the best practices online.

Second, now that we have rounded a fairly monumental milestone – our 2,500th article – it is time we shifted our gears. If you look at the scope of the articles and the dozen’s and dozens of topics we have covered, we’ve covered a lot! And they are all still here for reference. In addition, we are building a Reference Dashboard. If you have a listing you would like to add send it in using the form below.

There will still be guest articles from time to time but will be upping the frequency of “Industry News Posts.” These have been tested and the results show folks want “more news, more often” and in bite-sized chunks. All this is supported by data we have collected over the last year or so.

We will continue to never have clickbait, no tricks and we will be transparent as always. We want to entertain you and become even more important to your online experience.

Many thanks!

— mose

Editorial & Commenting Policy

  • All our opinions and those of our contributors are editorially independent and their opinions are their own. Our opinions are exactly that – opinions.
  • Comments are open. We’d like to keep it that way. So, please be constructive in your criticism. Play nice with others – there’s a human at the end of every post. Own what you say. – we will delete anonymous comments. And any others that we consider hateful, libellous, or just generally uncool.

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