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Author: 1degree

In the news … August 27, 2018

Meet the little-known group inside of Google that’s fighting terrorists and trolls all across the web On Patricia Georgiou’s first day at Google-parent company Alphabet,…

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News You Need to Know

We love digital news and follow it closely. Here are some of the recent headlines in case you missed them! Trudeau cabinet advised to do…

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Why Cybersecurity Training is Crucial for your Business (Infographic)

The greatest threat to your business cybersecurity is, contrary to what you would expect, internal. We are not talking about spies or infiltrated competitor agents. The real threat you should consider is your trusted…

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Get out of the Presentation rut!

In the hundreds of presentations, I have seen and there were very few that I would say moved me, made me want to act, created…

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Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is something that will be with you for your entire career. It never goes away.   At the beginning of your career…

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