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Author: 1degree

What Innovators Do

Kristopher Roller Consider the differences: 1. Some people see a trend and see a threat. Innovators see the same trend, and see an opportunity. 2.…

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3 Ways Emotions Boost Online Engagement

Mayur Gala If Martians were to land in your backyard today and wanted to know what being “human” was like, what would you show them?…

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Yay! Another meeting – said no one, ever!

I have tried to avoid meetings as much as possible all my life. This thinking of mine stems from an article I once read from…

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How understanding these hidden elements could be the key to effective communication

Tanja Heffner at Unsplash When it comes to effective communication, speaker and listener both share equally in the responsibility of communicating. Communication is a two-way…

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