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Why Simplicity Is a No-Brainer In Digital Marketing

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Consumers live in a world that presents almost unlimited demands on their time and attention. This world also offers fantastic new options for marketers and their brands to reach new market segments that can support long-term growth. However, as the online world becomes more crowded, both customers and businesses can experience difficulty when trying to achieve their goals. Digital marketing… Read more »

In the news … September 15, 2017

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‘It’s a game changer’: The new iPhone has marketers bullish on augmented reality Apple CEO Tim Cook is not the only one that’s bullish on augmented reality. Marketers are suddenly dreaming big about AR. Apple is all set to roll out iOS 11 next week, which among other things, will enable the iPhone’s camera to integrate graphics into the real… Read more »

5 Student’s Habits to Be Removed For Successful Career

Talk to any student, and the hint of optimism in their voice tells one that they are hopeful of getting to their desired careers after graduating. However, this fairytale always almost comes to an end as soon as they get to the real thing. Being successful in one’s career isn’t as easy as one may think. It’s a rigorous process… Read more »