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Planning – Back to Basics

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To be a true service directed and quality-oriented organization, you should recognize that people and companies: “Can and do expect to get things right.” “Can and do expect to get things right.” By being close to the customer and addressing each sales/service customer contact as a solution to the specific customer problem you can expect to achieve a positive positioning… Read more »

Some Advice You Will Thank Me For Later!

The following are observations that, in my forty-plus years in business, most at senior executive levels, are true. And, more importantly, are elegant and simple to implement.  I have tried to live by these and they have never let me down. #1 … The 5 Minute Rule.  If you are running a department or division, implement this for your staff…. Read more »

The Brand

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Recently on Linkedin in the Brand and Communication Management Group, there was a lively discussion. By lively I mean 15 pages representing 265 comments. There was some incredible thinking. I thought it would be interesting to port this over to One Degree and see what you think? The question was asked … Can you describe, in one sentence or less,… Read more »


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I was going to write an article about the relative values of push technology impact-fulness and social media modality vs. the interdependence of the net’s attributes in relative terms to the usability of phase-based non-Net exigencies. But I didn’t know what the hell that meant. I was involved in a few associations and as part of that work, I go… Read more »

The Weird Side of Famous Writers (Infographic)

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Sometimes, it’s more than just the outstanding works of famous writers that make us talk about them. It’s also their strange habits that capture people’s attention. We’ve gathered 20 of them in our infographic.