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How to Avoid the Top 7 Mistakes of Owning a Small Business (Infographic)

1 – NOT LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMER Find out what they want, need, and expect from your business so you which direction to head in 2 – NOT MAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE A PRIORITY If your customers have questions or complaints, they need to be able to get a hold of you. If you fail at customer/client satisfaction, you will fail… Read more »

Tips to Construct a Successful Company Newsletter

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Email newsletters are one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing tools available to businesses of every size. Whatever your marketing goals, email newsletters are an excellent method of delivering your marketing message to a receptive audience that has already given you permission to send them emails. While just anybody with basic typing abilities can write an email newsletter, creating one that… Read more »

How to Teach Your Team to Collaborate in the Workplace

Professionals spend more time at work with their team than they spend awake and not working. Because of this, it’s vitally important to the environment of your team that everyoneget along. Discord makes everyone miserable, so the people on your team need to learn how to communicate effectively so they feel comfortable asking question and promoting new ideas for company… Read more »

Why Auditing Backlinks is Essential

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  There has been much debate as to whether backlinks are still important, and whether they have any impact on your SEO ranking, and the answer is a resounding yes. In a time where search engine ranking is becoming a science and a spot on the first page near the top is worth its weight in gold, backlinks are just… Read more »

Why Choosing the Right Payment Processing Company Matters

  As a business owner, you already know that every single decision you make regardless of how big or small, it affects your bottom line. Business decisions will either cost you money, bring you money, or a variation of both. Of course, as the old saying goes, you must spend money to make money, but you should be doing so… Read more »