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How To Use Visualizations to Boost Productivity

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Exploding amounts of data and new technologies threaten to overwhelm companies with more information than they can possibly utilize. The use of visualizations, however, has helped many organizations unify and unleash the power of multiple data sources to make them more productive and competitive. Large companies routinely demonstrate the impact Big Data can have on sales, employee development and collaboration,… Read more »

What Work-At-Home Professionals Need to Know About Marketing

As business processes and technology advances, the number of work-from-home professionals are increasing each year and the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s clear why more people are choosing careers that allow them to work from the comfort of their home. Working at home can be flexible, affordable and more time efficient for both the self-employed individual and… Read more »

Six web design tips that improve website conversion rates

You can improve your sales even if your website traffic remains at the same level. This is due to a new online marketing tool called Conversion Rate Optimization. These are not radical changes, but minor adjustments to customize the content of the website to meet the needs and desires of customers that you want to convert into buyers. Let us… Read more »

How To Find an Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay about USA and Canada

Penning an essay is, at the best of times, a tall order for most people.  Writing a quality essay means that the author must first do their due diligence; truly understand what is being asked of them and then embark on the research and investigation required to gather the facts, ideas and references needed for their essay.  Essays can be… Read more »

Tips for Building up Your Customer Service Locally

Serving local customers can carry its own unique challenges, but there are also many advantages to having local customer loyalty that you can leverage to maximize your company's overall profits. By focusing on the unique needs of your local target market, you have the potential to not only build a business but a community. Relate To Customers One of the… Read more »