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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

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You might have heard a lot about how having a website is great, and be considering getting one yourself, but you’re wondering if you really need it, is it worth the hassle, won’t it cost a lot or take a lot of time to set up and maintain? Well, it really couldn’t be easier or cheaper, and almost anyone can… Read more »

10 Twitter Tips for Professionals

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by Bill Sweetman After the unexpected popularity of my article 10 Facebook Tips for Professionals, I figured I would follow it up with some tips for the micro-blogging platform known as Twitter. Although Twitter has been around since 2006, it's only recently started to generate interest from the public at large. One of the things I like the most about… Read more »

Molson’s Community Blog Engages Customers and Employees

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Just saw this video about Molson and their "Molson in the Community" blog over on Ragan's PR Daily.  One of the leaders in Canada's social media space, Molson has been blogging their extensive activities in the community for almost two years now.  There are also a number of active Twitterers from the Molson blogging team.

Straight from the Source – Do’s and Do Not Do’s of Blogger Relations

More and more brands, marketing firms and PR agencies are turning to niche bloggers to get the word out about their new product or service. But are they doing a good job? What do bloggers really want?
Alexa Clark, food blogger, gives us her take on what companies and PR flacks should do when putting together a blogger relations program.

So You Think You Can Market?

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Have you been looking for the best way to spring your brilliant viral marketing plan on an unsuspecting, Christmas shopping public? Well, here’s your chance! We heard today (via Craphammer) that Gavin of Servant of Chaos is partnering with fashion site The Bargain Queen to hold a contest for the best viral marketing idea.
The winner is decided by popular vote, so this is your chance to showcase your style. Aside from fame and glory, the winner will also receive a cool new iPod Touch. Mmm . . . Touch . . .
Get the rest of the contest details here and may the best marketer win!