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The Brand

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Recently on Linkedin in the Brand and Communication Management Group, there was a lively discussion. By lively I mean 15 pages representing 265 comments. There was some incredible thinking. I thought it would be interesting to port this over to One Degree and see what you think? The question was asked … Can you describe, in one sentence or less,… Read more »

How to Build Your Brand on Social Media

Do you have a brand that you are looking to promote, but aren't sure how to get started? Social media is an excellent venue for marketing since it is largely free, accessible, and easy to use, and practically everyone is using some platform of it, so you have a large potential audience. What's not to like about all of this?… Read more »

Subtle Changes: How to Shift Your Brand to a New Set of Customers

Brand perception is the way a particular logo or brand name is perceived by the general public. It has to do with the emotions it invokes and the way people respond to them. People’s perception of brands naturally change over time. For example, children may look at the logo of a company that sells pizza and has an arcade and… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know about Shaping Your Brand’s Voice

As individuals, we have control over the way we present ourselves to others. Our mannerisms and our speech leave impressions on those with whom we interact, and we can adjust our appearance, speech, and behavior. When you have a brand, you can’t communicate with every individual customer to manage their perceptions. Instead, the persona of your brand, embodied in your… Read more »

The Gathering – Banff February 20, 2014 – 5 (ish) Questions with Chris Kneeland

We love "Big Ideas" at One Degree. When I heard about this event I wanted to know more, and wanted to share the details, the background and offer you, our readers, a chance to take in this great event. You will see a display ad to the right with an exclusive code to the One Degree readers for $200 off… Read more »